Funtrench Limited offers training on a number of 4th industrial revolution technologies. The 4th industrial revolution is the present era of major innovations in technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and distributed ledgers.We currently focus on:

  • Distributed Ledgers
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality

Blockchain technologies – the most well known kind of distributed-ledger technologies – have taken the world by storm, with billions of people now involved in one way or another with digital currencies like Bitcoin or with blockchain applications in various industries. Blockchain technologies are making it possible to enforce contracts without human intervention, to enforce the integrity of data without relying on a trusted third party and to store data in a way that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to manipulate.

Funtrench Limited is offering courses designed to equip learners with the body-of-knowledge required to effectively plan, build and deliver on the potential of distributed-ledger technologies in Africa. Distributed-ledger technologies – which many will have heard of as blockchain technologies – have the potential to transform how peer-to-peer, corporate and government processes work across the continent. Envisaged use cases include:

  • Fraud-resistant retail supply chain management
  • E-commerce escrow management
  • Collection of produce and distribution of payments by co-operatives
  • Tamper-proof electronic election management
  • Tamper-proof business accounting
  • Anti-counterfeiting solutions
  • Money transfer solutions
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Cryptocurrency development

The blockchain course suite is made up of 4 accredited certificate courses, 4 accredited specialist workshops and 4 getting started workshops. We will hold seminars on emerging trends and cutting-edge technology advancements to keep professionals updated on this new and exciting field from time to time. We also offer customized workshops that are tailor-made for professionals in healthcare, law, legislation among other fields.

Machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – deals largely with the development of systems that can can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. It is used in analysis of data for purposes of predicting future behavior or results, for example in predicting weather, election results and sports outcomes. It can also be used in forecasting fluctuations in demand and supply of products.

Augmented reality – a branch of virtual reality – deals with systems that add computer-generated information (visual and auditory) to real-world objects and environments. An example is if price and product data are projected onto items on a supermarket shelf. The applications of AR range from entertainment to education.

We are currently working on availing all our courses and workshops remotely, to enable us to reach a wider audience. An augmented-reality component of our classroom sessions is also under development.

All certificate courses will be examined by Positrust LLC, our American accreditation partner. All the workshops are likewise approved by Positrust and include a certificate of participation at the end. Successful completion of courses will result in certification that is valid internationally, enabling career progression with 21st century skills. After all, blockchain IS the future!

We also offer training on game development.

From 2019 our courses will be available at Oshwal College and AkiraChix.

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