Specialist Workshops

Course Description Contact Hours Weeks Fees (KES)
The CIO Intelligence Briefing Technology considerations associated with planning an implementation, and what relevant TOGAF considerations need to be exercised in an implementation. 6 1 Email for fees
The Product Manager’s Briefing Use case analysis at a product level and core requirements for business case development of a blockchain implementation. 6 1 Email for fees
The CTO Intelligence Briefing The application architecture considerations, consensus mechanisms and the available technology stacks. Pros and cons of each in developing a delivery plan. 6 1 Email for fees
The Entrepreneur Intelligence Briefing Tailored to the independent entrepreneur looking for gaps in markets where blockchain can be a powerful tool for product differentiation and even a means to resolve long-standing market pains. 6 1 Email for fees

Workshop participants will receive a certificate of participation from Funtrench Limited. Each certificate is verifiable on the Funtrench Certification Blockchain.