Funtrench understands clearly that when it comes to global adoption of distributed ledger technologies in a way that makes them ubiquitous in our lives, we need partnerships and massively collaborative efforts. To make the impact we seek to make in communities across Africa, we cannot work alone. Our strategic partnership with Positrust LLC is a prime example of this philosophy in action.

Positrust Logo Positrust is an American company that delivers reliable, secure technology solutions through a process of comprehensive education, careful execution and continual investment in verified outcomes. While Positrust is about Education, Execution and Investment, Funtrench is about Training, Solutions and Infrastructure. It’s a perfect match. Together we are able to offer quality education in the distributed ledger space, machine learning, virtual reality and game development.


Other Partners

But even the Funtrench-Positrust tandem needs more allies. Some of the partners we are currently working with are:

CoinCentral Logo CoinCentral are a cryptocurrency and blockchain media company. Our partnership relates to the need to inform the general public about this new and exciting industry, opportunities, challenges and upcoming events. As a training institution, our partnership with CoinCentral enables us to keep our students well-informed and updated.

Multichain LogoMultichain is a private, permissioned blockchain platform that is developed by CoinSciences Limited. Funtrench is a Multichain Platform Partner, and we are working on becoming a Product Partner. This allows us to be at the bleeding edge of blockchain development, and we are churning out Multichain-based solutions for real problems in Africa.

Oshwal College is a Centre of Academic Excellence and a supplier to the education sector for over 25 years. It is the only tertiary institution in Nairobi having ACCA Platinum status. Platinum is the Highest Global Accreditation that can be awarded to an institution for consistently producing results above the global pass rates and Oshwal College has maintained ACCA Platinum status since 2012. Oshwal College is an Oracle Academy, Microsoft Imagine Academy and Certiport Exam Center. Funtrench and Oshwal College have partnered to make Oshwal College one of the locations where Funtrench blockchain and game development courses can be taken. Classes begin in January 2019.