The Upcoming Funtrench Courses

As the leading blockchain campus in Africa, we endeavour to offer training that is focused on developing skills, knowledge, and solutions for real-world problems. The courses we are offering in partnership with Oshwal College include:

Blockchain Foundation Course

This course is open to everyone including those without a background in IT. The three-week course introduces students to the different types of blockchains, distributed ledger technologies, the various problems these technologies can solve, an outline of cryptocurrencies, and the emerging trends.

The blockchain foundation course is important because it offers the groundwork to study our blockchain developer course. In addition, you will get to understand and appreciate the best technology of this century.

Eden3D Game Development Course

Interested in building games based on African stories? This is the right course for you. The 12-week course focuses on building 3D games using the Python language which is also taught at the Funtrench Blockchain Campus.

In addition, students learn to create games using the Eden3D game development platform created by the Funtrench CEO, Kingsley Ndiewo. The platform makes 3D games easy to make and it is easy to learn.

The Eden3D game development course is important because it gives learners the opportunity to enter into a promising industry that is barely exploited.

Cryptocurrency Trader Course

The investment in cryptocurrencies has become popular in recent years and you can become part of the craze by learning how to trade crypto. The Funtrench crypto trader course teaches learners important trading strategies and dives into exchanges, airdrops and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

The 4-week course does not have any qualification requirements and anyone can do it. Moreover, the course offers you a chance to make a living by trading for other people or by making money trading for yourself.

In March 2019, Funtrench will also introduce machine learning and augmented reality courses. We are also working on introducing our blockchain foundation and developer courses at AkiraChix.Watch this space for more information.