Funtrench Limited Facilitates Blockchain Adoption through Training

Nairobi, 15 November 2018…Nairobi-based Funtrench Limited is facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology by holding training sessions at various educational institutions across Kenya.

The tech company held three successful blockchain training sessions last month at Oshwal College, Edulink International College, and at a non-profit organisation, Akirachix. Soon after opening its blockchain campus in Nairobi in June 2018, Funtrench also trained Meru University students in blockchain technology.

This comes at a time when Kenya is embracing the technology through the establishment of the Blockchain and AI Taskforce and through a display of willingness by government bodies to use it.

Besides blockchain technology, the training sessions also focused on introductions to game development, machine learning, and cryptocurrency trading.

The sessions elicited a lot of interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm from the attendees who said they were interested in pursuing the courses further.

Speaking at the Oshwal College boot camp on 17 October 2018, the Funtrench chief executive Kingsley Ndiewo said:

“We are focused on promoting the adoption of the blockchain because the technology has the potential to solve a wide range of problems faced in Sub-Saharan Africa. A lot of people might think that real-world blockchain use cases and cryptocurrency trading are abstract. However, these are things that are people are actually doing.”

Moreover, Funtrench is focusing on game development because there is a need for games that are based on African stories and ideas. The company also offers a 3D game development platform called Eden which makes game development easy and efficient.

Game development on Eden uses the Python language which Ndiewo urged the attendees of the training sessions to learn.

“You can build machine learning systems, blockchains, and 3D games using Python,” he stated.

Nyandia, the branding and communications manager at Akirachix observed: “You rarely find anyone offering a free training session on blockchain technology. Funtrench is doing a fine job through its initiative.”

Established in 2010, Akirachix promotes and develops a pool of women in technology by reaching out to young women in primary school, high school, and university.

In view of Funtrench’s current activities, the company aims to be a leader in developing talent in the emerging and trending technologies in East Africa and beyond. The company is currently working on expanding its blockchain campus to Rwanda in the near future.