Game Development

Game development is a large and growing industry. Sadly, there are few successful games with African content and African ideas. Funtrench intends to bridge this gap by training the professionals who will champion African stories on the global stage. Even now, 7 years after the first version of Eden 3D was developed, there are virtually no Kenyan 3D games in the gaming market. This even as the global gaming industry reaches 137.9 billion US$ this year. Kenya’s contribution to this industry is insignificant both in terms of titles and revenue. We at Funtrench want to change this!

Eden is a development framework developed by Funtrench Limited for the purpose of creating 3D applications easily and efficiently. It was developed in response to the observation that developing 3D computer applications was a very skill-intensive and time-consuming activity, requiring very specialized training and thus reducing the levels of adoption. Eden is developed to use the Panda 3D gaming engine as its means of rendering 3D digital content on computers. Panda 3D is a professional and open-source graphics engine developed by the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in collaboration with Disney.

Game Development Course

Our Game Development Course requires a knowledge of Python (which students can obtain by taking our Python Developer Course) and covers the following:

  • Game Development Principles
  • Game Design
  • Eden Development
  • Overview of the Kivy, PyGame and RenPy frameworks
  • Basic 3D modeling in Blender
  • Textures, graphics, worlds and artwork
  • Game Physics
  • Basic Game Artificial Intelligence
  • Board Games
  • Game Balancing
  • Packaging Games
  • In-game merchandise and advertising
  • A fully functional game as a course project

The course is 12 weeks long.