February 2019: Ongoing Funtrench Classes

Angeline Mbogo

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Funtrench is currently undertaking blockchain foundation and Python courses at the Park Suites Campus and Oshwal College respectively. We are excited to begin the year on this high note as we look forward to introducing machine learning and augmented reality in March 2019.

These courses are running as we prepare for our upcoming launch on March 6, 2019.

The Funtrench Blockchain Foundation Course

The blockchain foundation course takes learners through blockchain technology, its origin, its use cases, and many other aspects, thereby, helping them understand the technology better.

The course does not have any prerequisite and is open to both individuals and organizations. We are presently taking Digiassurance through this course which will enable them to apply the blockchain in their business.

Blockchain foundation is a 3-week course that is offered at our Park Suites campus in Parklands, Nairobi.

The Funtrench Python Developer Course

The Python developer course, that is ongoing, is taking place in partnership with Oshwal College. The first cohort began classes at the end of January 2019 and we are looking forward to acquiring more students along the way.

The 8-week Python developer course covers the programming language comprehensively with a focus on building solutions for emerging technologies.


To register for the blockchain foundation course, call 051 800 2310 or email training@funtrench.com. You can also visit our campus at suite 301 Park Suites, opposite Parklands Police Station.

To register for the Python developer course, call +254-729-644691 / +254-733-747902 / +254-728-449688 or email admissions@oshwalcollege.ac.ke or hod-it@oshwalcollege.ac.ke

Besides Python and blockchain foundation, we also offer game development, blockchain development, crypto trading, and crypto mining courses. We also offer getting started and blockchain specialist workshops that are detailed on our website.