Certified Technology Professional

Apart from distributed ledger technologies, Funtrench offers programs focused on other 4th industrial revolution technologies. These are relatively new technologies that are enabling innovation and progress in a wide variety of industries. Specifically, we offer a software development course in Python, one of the most versatile languages in the technology world. A familiarity with Python helps to establish a learner in other technologies by giving the skills required to build prototypes and examples and to see various concepts in action.

Funtrench Limited is offering courses designed to equip learners with the body-of-knowledge required to effectively plan, build and deliver on the potential of various technologies in Africa. These technologies include machine learning, augmented reality and game development.

Course Description Contact Hours Weeks Fees (KES) Logo
Python Developer Course Introduction to software development using Python, with a clear focus on building emergent technology solutions, including DLT solutions using the Multichain Platform and fintech development with JengaAPI, including API development. 64 8 Email for fees
Funtrench Machine Learning Course Introduction to artificial intelligence, context for machine learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, data preparation, algorithms, modeling, platforms (TensorflowPandasNLTK). Use cases and applications. 24 3 Email for fees
Funtrench Augmented Reality Course Introduction to virtual reality, context for augmented reality, computer vision and object recognition, platforms (ARCoreAR Studio). Use cases and applications. Classes are equipped with Oculus devices. 32 4 Email for fees
Eden3D Game Development Course A complete game development course. Details here. 96 12 Email for fees

Our technology courses have no examinations, but assessment of real-world projects is done and successful students will receive a leather-bound certificate from Funtrench Limited. Each certificate is verifiable on the Funtrench Certification Blockchain. Each of these courses has a practical project.