Certified Blockchain Professional

Course Description Contact Hours Weeks Fees (KES)
Blockchain Foundation Course Introduction to distributed ledger technology, its origins and the problems it can solve today. Overview of cryptocurrencies, exchanges, types of blockchains and emerging trends. 16 3 48,000
Blockchain Developer Course Introduction to consensus algorithms and blockchains, cryptocurrencies, blockchain development, smart contracts, migration from database-based systems and integration with common applications. 32 4 68,000
Blockchain Networks Course Distributed consensus, fault-tolerant systems, cryptographic fundamentals, distributed storage and core deployment engineering topics. Focus on administration of Multichain blockchain networks. 16 3 54,000
Cryptocurrency Trader Course Introduction to cryptocurrency trading, exchanges, automation, mining, investment vehicles and trends. 32 4 68,000

Exams are scheduled online by Positrust and taken at our examinations center on the Funtrench Blockchain Campus, and successful students will receive a leather-bound certificate from Positrust LLC. Each certificate is verifiable on the Positrust Certification Blockchain. The certificates are national accreditation pending in the United States, which means once the process is complete they will be recognized across all 50 US states.