Distributed Ledgers

Distributed ledgers are changing how we think about data storage. They are changing how we think about data security. Rather than be concerned about the integrity of a server or a systems administrator, we can now focus on the usage of the data with the confidence that the data itself is secure. At Funtrench we are committed to educating the public on this data-centric view of distributed ledgers, as opposed to the use-centric view that leads to the common mistake of conflating blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Since our Blockchain Campus opened its doors in July 2018, we have trained over 400 students on the basics of blockchains and that’s 400 more people who know that blockchain is not Bitcoin. This is very important in promoting adoption of distributed ledgers in common applications such as:

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Brand Protection (Anti-Counterfeiting)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Electronic Voting
  • Audit Layer for ERP and MIS systems

We recognize and appreciate the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the contributions that it has made to global payments, fundraising and eCommerce. But we want distributed ledgers to tell as many stories as there are applications, and serve to solve numerous problems in the digital domain. While digital currencies go through the process of regulation and legislation, the underlying technology is neutral and as versatile as databases.