April-May Intake 2019: Blockchain Training in Kenya

Angeline Mbogo

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The April-May intake 2019 for blockchain training in Kenya is here and we are excited to announce the diverse courses we are offering for everyone in the Kenyan population.

Blockchain Training in Kenya: Certified Short Courses for Corporates

As the leading organization offering blockchain training in Kenya, we have partnered with US-based certified company Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA) to offer the following courses for Kenyan corporates:

  • Certified Blockchain Business Foundations
  • Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect
  • Certified Blockchain Developer Hyperledger
  • Certified Blockchain Developer Ethereum
  • Certified Blockchain Security Professional

The above courses are only two-weeks long, inclusive of an exam and a BTA certificate.

So Why Should your Company Enrol Employees to the Above Courses?

Blockchain technology has the potential to change a lot of sectors in the Kenyan economy for the better. With industries such as SACCOs and banks on the spotlight for lack of transparency, the blockchain is the best solution for this problem. To deploy a blockchain-based solution, the company employees need the training to execute and use it.

That means that we are not only offering training but also offering to create solutions for corporates to solve their challenges using blockchain technology.

Courses for Kids in Kenya 

This April holiday, kids in Kenya will have the opportunity to undertake our fun courses that help them become creative, team players, strategists, problem solvers, and effective communicators.

Therefore, besides blockchain training in Kenya, Funtrench has gone a step further and created kids’ courses to ensure that they will remain productive during the holidays while preparing them for their future careers.

The two courses, Scratch Developer and Junior Robotics, aim to solve the Kenyan problem with most schools where instructors fail to engage learners in hands-on skills.

Scratch enables students to build stories, games, and animations while robotics allows learners to work with sensors, LEDs, and basic wiring. Both courses are two-weeks long and include simple projects.

Scratch is suitable for learners aged 8-16 years while Robotics targets learners aged 13 to 17 years.

Enhancing Blockchain Training in Kenya with Technology Courses 

While blockchain training in Kenya is important, it is imperative to teach one of the programming languages that developers require in order to build blockchains. This language is Python, and Funtrench has been teaching it since we opened shop in Nairobi in 2018.

Funtrench also offers technology courses in Kenya such as Android developer, 3D game development, machine learning, and Augmented Reality.

Registration for Courses

To register for blockchain, kids’ or technology courses, call 051 800 2310 or email training@funtrench.com. Alternatively, you can register here or visit us at Park Suites, 3rd floor in Parklands. Early bird registration will attract Easter season discounts.