Funtrench Limited is a technology company that is at the cutting edge of building an ecosystem of emerging technologies for reaping the youth dividend in a new, digitally assertive Africa. Our key focus is on creating an end-to-end pipeline of talent in these technologies from classroom to market.

Funtrench is on a mission to get emerging technology out of the classroom and into the market in Africa. We recognize that Africa is playing catch-up in data science (blockchain and artificial intelligence) and extended reality (virtual reality and gaming). The first is crucial for the future of information while the second is critical for the future of interaction.

Our solution is to provide quality training coupled tightly with product development in these areas, leading learners into product-focused incubation, internships and employment. We envision an Africa where emerging technology is ubiquitous with Funtrench being the leading provider of talent and solutions.

Our campus was opened in July 2018. In today’s rapidly changing markets we are making this vision a reality.

What We Do

Funtrench Limited is building an end-to-end ecosystem that offers quality and practical emerging technologies training in Kenya, post-training career opportunities and working with partners to avail the infrastructure necessary to make real-world adoption of these technologies feasible. From our campus in Nairobi to various partner locations, we are delivering data science and extended reality courses in a relatable and practical way, designed specifically for the next generation of African technology talent.

Distributed Ledger Training

Funtrench offers practical and relevant distributed ledger training courses and workshops. Our starting point is the Blockchain Foundation Course, a 3-week course that covers distributed ledgers and their applications in Africa. Our courses are accredited by the Blockchain Training Alliance.

Game Development

Game development is a large and growing industry. Sadly, there are few successful games with African content and African ideas. Funtrench intends to bridge this gap by training the professionals who will champion African stories on the global stage. We're working with our partners to establish the Eden3D Lab at Funtrench as a springboard for African game studios.

Python Development

Funtrench offers a comprehensive 8-week Python development course that covers the basics, advanced topics like API development and introduces Python for machine learning. This course is part of our Certified Technology Professional courses, and includes an advanced project as the final assessment.

Machine Learning

Funtrench offers a comprehensive machine learning course a part of our Certified Technology Professional courses. This is a 3 week intensive course for students who are already familiar with Python and covers development using the Google Tensorflow platform and Python's NLTK. It includes a project as the final assessment.

Augmented Reality

Funtrench offers an exciting new course in augmented reality in partnership with industry experts BlackRhinoVR, that is part of our Certified Technology Professional courses. It is a month long exploration of the amazing world of embedding virtual elements into real-world footage. Classes are equipped with Oculus VR devices. Students will create mixed-reality projects for gaming or commercial application.

Android Development

Funtrench offers a comprehensive 8-week Android development course that covers the basics of app development in ReactNative, with advanced topics such as linkage with payment APIs and app security. This course is part of our Certified Technology Professional courses, and includes an advanced project as the final assessment.

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Solutions We Offer


Ganji is a blockchain-based digital asset management ecosystem that allows peer-to-peer transfers and exchange of digital assets of any kind, and provides an investment service for reliably growing your digital currency holdings.

Sentiment Analysis

We provide turnkey solutions for sentiment analysis based on machine-learning that are useful in digital marketing and customer feedback systems.


SACCO Chain is a system for fractional ownership of assets designed to help small formal and informal investment groups manage their actions democratically and transparently. Blockchain is used to enhance accountability and provide software-based trust in groups.

Audit solutions

We provide distributed-ledger based solutions that enhance existing systems with an audit layer that allows for fraud-detection, data recovery and redundancy.

Our Partners