Funtrench Limited is a technology company that is at the cutting edge of building distributed-ledger solutions for various emerging challenges in a new, digitally assertive Africa. Our key focus is in bringing the strengths of distributed ledgers to common problems such as counterfeit goods, electoral fraud, cross-border payments and automated escrow among others. Funtrench can be described succinctly as:

Blockchain Solutions. Blockchain Training. Blockchain Hosting.

  • Solutions: We develop solutions based on blockchain technology such as Ganji, our payments solution. Our work spans from altcoin development to digital exchanges. We are a Multichain Platform Partner as of 2018.
  • Training: From our Blockchain Campus on 3rd Floor, Park Office Suites in Nairobi we offer 4 certificate courses accredited by Positrust LLC and various specialist workshops for the professional wanting to add blockchain-ready to their resume.
  • Hosting: We provide blockchain-as-a-service where anyone can simply sign up for a ready-to-go blockchain infrastructure instance (with nodes, administration and mobile app) in the same way that one procures web hosting. No development required.

What is Blockchain?

The purpose of a blockchain is to enable a database to be directly and safely shared by non-trusting parties. This contrasts with centralized databases, which are stored and controlled by a single organization. A blockchain has multiple nodes, each of which stores a copy of the database. Nodes connect to each other in a dense peer-to-peer fashion, using a ‘gossip protocol’ in which each node is constantly telling its peers everything it learns. As a result, any node can rapidly broadcast a message to the entire network via many alternative paths.

Blockchain technology – formally known as distributed-ledger technology – now affects millions of transactions and lives after its rapid growth following the rise of Bitcoin, the first blockchain-based digital currency. It allows for global money transfer, enforceable digital contracts, fraud-resistant supply-chain management, and secure data storage among other applications.

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