The Funtrench Limited ecosystem stands on 3 pillars, of which training is key. Technology talent has to be developed first through training before solutions and startups can be built for an eager marketplace. Funtrench Limited is offering courses designed to equip learners with the body-of-knowledge required to effectively plan, build and deliver on the potential of emerging technologies in Africa.

Envisaged use cases include among others:


  • Fraud-resistant retail supply chain management
  • E-commerce escrow management
  • Collection of produce and distribution of payments by co-operatives
  • Tamper-proof electronic election management
  • Tamper-proof business accounting
  • Anti-counterfeiting solutions
  • Money transfer solutions
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Cryptocurrency development

Machine Learning

  • Accurate data-driven policy-making in government
  • Bias-free selection of candidates in recruitment
  • Targeted advertising in digital media
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Automated medical diagnostics to help doctors work better
  • Predictive analysis in media e.g. election and sport prediction
  • Image processing and object detection in CCTV

Augmented Reality

  • Innovative presentation of products in digital media
  • Immersive commerce
  • Game development
  • Visual presentation of data for easier consumption

Game Development

  • Presentation of positive African stories through local games
  • Interactive learning environments
  • Social campaigns through games

Funtrench offers practical training in these areas, partnering with global certification bodies to provide valuable qualification and partnering with local educational institutions for increased reach. You can explore specific courses here: