Multichain Platform

Multichain is a private blockchain platform designed for organizations. At Funtrench we use Multichain for various solutions, both for clients and company products. We are a Multichain Platform Partner since 2018, verifiable here.  This means that we have a relationship with Multichain and its owner – Coin Sciences Limited. As the sole partner (so far) in Africa outside of South Africa, we take our responsibility seriously and this is why we are developing lots of blockchain-based solutions with this platform.

Multichain provides the following key features (among others):

  • Permissions – nodes require granting of permissions before they can connect to the network or interact with resources.
  • Private – is not open to global access like Bitcoin. Access is controlled by the admin addresses.
  • Multiple-assets – a Multichain blockchain can have virtually infinite digital assets that it can track, exchange and transfer.
  • Multiple blockchains – a Multichain network can have virtually infinite named blockchains, each of which is independent and complete.


Ganji is a blockchain-based platform that allows for multiple digital asset management, P2P transfer and exchange. As a multi-role system, it can be:

  • A cross-border, multi-currency money transfer system
  • A digital exchange for currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital tokens and any other transferable digital assets.
  • A digital voting system
  • A loyalty tokens system

It can be many other things all at once, which is the beauty of using blockchains. In addition to its P2P functions, Ganji is also the key means to access the Ganji Trust, an investment fund that is involved in automated trading of cryptocurrencies with provably consistent returns.