Imagine if creating your brilliant new and innovative blockchain solution was as easy as creating a website with Wix? Imagine if you…a non-programmer without an ICT background, could still create your blockchain-based solution for that problem you have seen? Well that’s what our BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) offering allows. We’ll take care of the messy details, you just have a simple form where you tell us what kind of blockchain you want and what you want it to do. Leave the rest to us.

In the event that you wish to invest in cryptocurrencies, but don’t want the hassle of doing your own research and spending sleepless nights reading articles on Verge and looking at graphs on Bitcoin, we have you covered. Join our Ganji Trust program, where you can invest safely and get consistent returns on your money. Our trading is fully automated, with trading bots designed by world class machine learning expertise.