About Us

Funtrench was registered in 2010, and began operation as a technology company with the core aim of being a training and solutions provider in game development. Beginning with the Eden3D game development framework then, Funtrench has grown through the years to focus on blockchain since 2015 and other 4th Industrial Revolution technologies since 2018. Our blockchain campus was opened in July 2018 .

In today’s rapidly changing markets and the emergence of the information economy, we have risen to the occasion and are now a key provider of technology solutions and training in Africa.

Our Vision

To be a world-class technology company powering Africa’s information economy.

To become a leader in the provision of solutions, training and infrastructure for 4th industrial revolution technologies. In order to achieve this, the quality of products we offer is our paramount concern, and we will continue implementing operations based on international best practices and our unique knowledge of the African market conditions while forging strategic partnerships with global industry leaders

Our Mission

To inspire an ICT revolution by promoting the adoption of cutting-edge 4th industrial revolution technologies in supporting a democratized technology industry